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Product Line
The ForceField Head guard is lightweight sports protective head gear, ventilated and adjustable with an impact absorbing polymeric layer that wraps around the head, offering increased protection at crucial impact zones at the forehead and temples where many head impacts occur. It's all part of our patented design combing advanced technology without taking away any of the techniques involved in playing the sport of soccer. The product absorbs perspiration. If one side gets wet, you turn it inside out and use the other side. On real hot days, it can be place it under cold water and put on for cooling as well. It is easily washed by just placing the headband under a running faucet. Two United States patents have been approved, and there are others pending.

The features are:
  • Reduced risk of head and brain injuries.
  • The Forcefield Headband is the only headband that protects the head
  •  absorbing sweat to keep it out of a player’s eyes.
  • It is reversible and easily washable.
  • It fits under protective helmets and goggles.
  • It is the only protective headband for basketball.
  • This headband will absorb much of that force and possibly prevent brain injuries. This patented performance headband is available in seven colors. Soccer parents agree that this product is the best for reducing head injuries, while keeping their child cool and looking good.

    This patented performance headband is available in seven colors :


    * Only $ 14.95 each

    * Distributors click here


    This headband can significantly reduce the risk of injury and impact forces to the head for children and adults in the sport of soccer
    There is no protective equipment available that will eliminate all injuries due to impacts to the head
    Any modification to this headband will change its effectiveness in absorbing and dissipating impact forces resulting in increasing the risk of injury.

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