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Here are some quotes about the function and benefits that can be derived from wearing ForceField Protective Headbands. Please send comments to

"Force Field Headbands provide a light weight, additional layer of protection for athletes of all ages and abilities."
Alison Caito, Head Coach - Dartmouth High School Girls’ Lacrosse and Field Hockey teams.

"The Force Field Headband is a great teaching tool for youth soccer. When worn on the forehead, it provides the proper target for players to strike with and provides protection for repetitive heading drills."
Wayne Hawes, Youth Soccer.

"As a Certified Athletic Trainer, I know I would not have to treat as many concussions if my athletes were to wear the Force Field Headband. It is a safe and effective way to prevent all types of head injuries."
Stephanie Manny, ATC/L, Dartmouth High School Head Athletic Trainer.

"Additional protection for the head area is always a plus. Force Field Headbands are a great idea!"
Ryan Goddu, Black Belt Senior Karate Instructor.
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